The Whole Night Thru

  • Released: November 18th, 2014
  • Produced by: Gary Tanin & Sam Llanas

“The Whole Night Thru” has been officially released!
Order your own copy by sending a cheque or money order for $20 (Postage Paid) to:


Sam Llanas
c/o Daystorm Music
P.O. Box 100181
Milwaukee, WI, 53210-0181


Track Listing:
1. Deja Vú (4:02)
2. Cold ´n Clean (3:37)
3. Everywhere But Here (3:17)
4. Dangerous Love (3:32)
5. I’m Still Alive (4:15)
6. Somethin´ Comin´ (3:45)
7. Addicted to the Cure (3:30)
8. The Best I Can (4:13)
9. To Where You Go (3:20)


Album lyrics available by clicking HERE!


Executive Producers:
Trish Dayton and Tom Clemens


Recorded by:
Rick Probst and Gary Tanin at Remote Planet Recording, Milwaukee, WI (May, 2013)
With additional recording at Daystorm Music, Milwaukee, WI


Mixed and Mastered by:
Gary Tanin at Daystorm Music, Milwaukee, WI


Songs by:
Sam Llanas, ©2014 Sam Llanas, published by Llanas Music, ASCAP


Vocals and Acoustic Guitars – Sam Llanas
Drums and Percussion – Ryan Schiedermayer
Bass – Matt Turner
Electric and Pedal Steel Guitars – Sean Williamson
String and Keyboard Arrangements, Strings Section, Piano, Mellotron – Gary Tanin


Artwork & Package Design:
Jeff Redmon, Snowfall Creative


©2011 Deone Jahnke – used by permission


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Photo by Gary Dineen
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