Deja vu

I’ve been dreaming of you deja vu.
A single key opens a double lock.
A hidden door and there you are
Climbing 20 stairs up into the heart of darkness.
Blood red paint dripping off the walls.
The tiny screams of the hardwood floors.
And the shadows on the walls look like vultures just waiting for your carcass to fall.

And it’s starting to feel like the Fall of the House of Usher.
I can feel all the ghosts in the room.
Yes it’s starting to seem like I have been here before.
I’ve been dreaming of you deja vu.

Two stained glass windows rising tall and high
Are staring at me like bloodshot eyes.
Room after room after room like some kind of labyrinth,
surrealistic disguise.
A spiral staircase tucked way in the back
Only leads up to more shadow and black.
This dream has turned to nightmare
Now I’m waiting for my mind to just crumble and crack.

Deja vu always lurking in the dark.
Deja vu
Something swoops down to where I’m at
An owl in a bowler hat.
I thought I saw a pussycat.
A pussy…. Oh my god what’s that?!!!

Dangerous Love

A dangerous love I can see it in your eyes. A dangerous love is full of alibis. A’ dangerous love very few have survived.

I’m going out of my mind, out on the street, out on the town tonight. Cuz every face that I see just leaves me cold.
Then you come walking by me wearing those eyes and they’re saying come with me and I can set you free and then suddenly unbounds

You know the music sounds good we start to move nice and slow.
And I’m feeling alright I’m feeling like I am in control
but you’re looking into me with those eyes and I see another side a wild and sexy ride and then what once was tight unbounds

And no one can save your soul from the dangers of a dangerous love

Everywhere But Here

You’re everywhere but here.
You’re in my heart but nowhere near.
The evidence is clear.
In every day of every year.

I’ve been snaking through the streets of Soho.
Searching for you till 4 a.m. Again and again.
Your reflection is in every window.
I turn around but you’re not there.
You vanish into the air.
I’ve been chasing your ghost around mil-town.
Catching glimpses but they dissipate, always a moment too late.
I can’t forget the night I lost you, knowing I will never see you smiling at me.

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