May 24, 2014


Sam Llanas
Sam Llanas2 months ago
Listen 2 new Sam LLanas album "Return of the Goya - Los Ochos Final" online in its entirety 2NITE, October 16th @ 8pm & 11pm! Listen here:
Order here: #samllanas #returnofthegoya
Sam Llanas
Sam Llanas3 months ago
Thanks 2 Joanne Fayan 4 the review of Sam LLanas' ROTG Part 2! Stay tuned 4 a review of "Los Ochos Final" in the near future! Get your copies @ &! #samllanas

"If ROTG, pt 1 took you on a journey from morning to night, light to dark, ROTG, pt 2 sits you right down in a pile of love and forces you to look at it from all sides, through a collection of 2 1/2min-3 1/2min catchy rock ‘n roll songs (give or take a few seconds). These songs, with their sing-a-long choruses and hip shaking rhythms, are a throwback to Llanas’ earlier, simpler work. So sing-a-long and move your body ‘cause that’s what these rock ‘n roll numbers demand." READ MORE BELOW!:

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